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Feb 22, 2003
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I'm looking for a slight upgrade from my worthless JamCam - (which unless your 5 feet from your subject, will not take clear images and even then their terrible). I've been seeing these on Ebay:

Has anyone got one of these, and if so, is the picture fairly sharp. They are VERY popular cameras, so either everyone has been sucked into a false sense of quality, or they know something I don't. lol

I ask because I just lost out on the same one, and recieved a secondary chance to buy at the same price.

Mind you I realize this wouldn't be a camera to take portraits with, but just for my rockets and the like. I also know the addage " You get what you pay for " but since I can't afford major bucks for a Olympus (retail 300 bucks minimum), I thought I would ask.

With interest growing in the TRF Monthly project, I'm figuring that I'll be doing one of the tutorials (maybe more) and need clear images to go along with the class/design/project.

Thanks in advance,


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Mar 16, 2003
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I own the Aiptek PenCam SD 1.3M found here

I don't know how much of an upgrade you are looking for but this one incorporates a SD card for memory in addition to what's built in.

You can get it refurbishe form Aiptek for $50 but if you want to do video you have to get the SD card. and thats more $$$

it does have a two position lense you rotate about 90 degrees for a macro mode for things in the 12 inch or less range.

It does not have a flash and uses a CMOS sensor instead of a CCD so it's picture quality is very dependent on good lighting, I have found.

It does do 320x240 or 640x480 video fairly decent. I have not tested it as a web cam.

I average about 10 fps on the higher res video.

I don't have a problem letting it get burned up underneath rockets at close range. ;)

there is some video you can find here

check out HERC 2003 pad cam video and most of that is with this camera. you'll view it best if you have a broad band connection

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