Cheap fiberglass bagging

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Dec 5, 2003
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While watching TV in the wee hours, I say an ad for the SpaceBag storage system ( ) and thought that it would make a great, or at least cheap and available, way to bag airframes. Has anyone else looked into this? My apologies if it's been discussed before and shot down. I'm about to try fiberglassing for the first time and was wondering if it was worth a shot.

I think for your first try, go ahead and do a hand layup so you don't have to deal with doing release and breather, then making sure it's perfectly flat and then bagging it. Another system similar to what you're talking about here is described by John Coker on his website, using the Tilia FoodSaver vacuum system:

Hope that helps some, and good luck with glassing! It has saved many of my rockets from not-so-noble deaths :p