Cheap Astrovision type camera option $10

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Jan 30, 2009
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Ok so I went to the local Wallmart last night and found a $9 digital camera that takes video . This is of course what you would expect for $9 however it seems very similar to what is in the astrovision .
The camera take 17 seconds of video between 5 and 10 fps . all stored on board . The camera is a digital concepts clip on camera model 11692/11693 I will put some info in scratch builds as I mod this thing and make a small astrovision type scratch built rocket .
what resolution ?
can you post some test clips?

About the same looking res as the astro box says 640x 480 not sure how i trust I am going to pick up a couple of micro switches so i can mod the buttons on this thing ill post pics along with dimensions and weight when I get back . The thing is a little bit flakey but doesn't seem anymore than the astrovision :p one good thing though is it is vista computable which is one up on astro. a little modding will be needed to make it work as needed two main things is you have to change modes to get to video mode which is a little hard to tell when mounted in a tube. The second is the video mode is acchieved by holding down the shutter button which of course wont work on the rocket. I have overcome that part though I shorted the two leads and it worked fine so I will solder a small slider micro switch on there that should fix that. I need to maybe figure out some way to delay its start to give time to get back and launch you only have 17 seconds of video on it.
I have one of thouse tiny key chain camera that i want to do this with.
I haven't had a chance to do much with it since that day it measures roughly 1.6x 1.6 inches out of its casing . I was able to wire a small slider switch to bypass the shutter and it works well . The mode button I was not so lucky with I am just not that damn good with a soldering iron. I will post pics of it later. I got sidetracked on my scratch build sidewinder.