Cheap and easy way to mount an 808

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Nov 16, 2015
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This improves upon a technique I've seen elsewhere (and lets you fly camera-less pretty easily)
Tools needed:

Supplies needed:
808 camera
1/8" fiberglass or two pieces of 1/16" glued together
#4 PEM nut and #4 machine screw

Figure out where you want your camera. Drill a hole and install the PEM nut.

Use the dremel to grind a tiny piece of fiberglass to fit the little hollow underneath the hole for the keyring. Line it up with the camera (see below) then drill a hole.
Attach velcro to the underside of the camera and slip the little bit of fiberglass into its new home:
Insert bolt..
...and attach camera. The fiberglass is just a little thinner than the gap between the mounting hole and the body, so that forces the camera to stick out a little, which means you see more scenery and less rocket. If you want to see more rocket, just make the fiberglass thicker or stick a washer in there.
Have you flown that setup?
Looks like it would vibrate a bit.
But good job if it works.
I vacuum formed me a piece of ABS to fit mine. Then I had to shim it to get less rocket. Now I know PEM nuts I can do it a little better.
I just used masking tape when I used mine. I know other people have done the same.
I just used masking tape when I used mine. I know other people have done the same.
Yep, I've used masking and electrical tape... the latter ripped a huge chunk of paint off my rocket. In theory, this'll be easier to work with and (once the nuts are installed) moving the camera from rocket to rocket will be a lot easier on a launch day.

We'll see how this goes.