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Dec 24, 2003
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Has anybody heard of a brand of color changing paint called Spaz Stix?

Here is a link. Be patient it loads kind of slow.

HR, I was tempted to try Spaz Stix but was put off by the price & relative unavailability. sure looks neat-o though!

we've used Mirage a few times (from Kragen and Pep Boys rocket supply shops) and are very happy with the results, except for it chipping easily. none of the color change paints are easily repairable and we're not careful with our rockets. I suspect Spaz would be "chippy" too.
We've seen this stuff but haven't actually used this product, We have used alas corporations product. they are ALL EXCEEDINGLY EXPENSIVE, but are no more of a problem to spray than any other automotive finish. I personally haven't used this stuff but we've done a few specialty signs with it. Could not, Still can not believe the price for this stuff.
Check em out at If you can afford the materials it's pretty good stuff, Really KEWL!
i was just going to say alsacorp. a while back i posted about the stuff, because i was going to lay down some sick marble paint from that company on my loc onyx, but unfortunately, i lost it on its second flight. so that was no good.

also, my recommendation is, as i've used some high priced stuff before, use that companies entire line of paints, from primers to thinners to bases to clears. they are all designed to work together and together they give the best finish. i used to be huge into the model car scene and i had laid down some pretty expensive paints on my little models. my buddy does paint jobs and he's a really good shadow painter, he recommended alsa to me and he's done some really expensive, (5,000+ dollars) paintjobs. make sure you have a good airbrush.
while your looking at airbrush paints,

heres a brand to look into if you want auto graffics style paint
plus you could get 4 times as much paint for the money ( auto air) ,,, they have chamelions , metalflake , candy...ect.. good stuff... the regular createx paints are an even better deal and also includes transparents , chamelions, and just about any color
they are blendable for unlimited color combos. ready to spray , minimal thinning. I use it and have had great results with it

heres a little info on the auto air(by createx)

Dixie art has some of the best deals online for airbrush paint
and ship within a couple days.

some of the colors are not as exotic as some of the HOK or spastix colors but considerably affordable in comparison
but ive seen many available but expensive paints that change color on angles. its some of the most expensive paint in the world. i wouldnt use it on a rocket unless the rocket itself was high dollar and could withstand some torture and beatings to last
yeah right dude...i was going to put some 3d, REAL 3d fiberglass lettering on my LOC onyx. i was going to top it with close to 200 bucks worth of paint...that bird would never fly after the last coat. lol. make some custom foam for all the extremedies and mount it on the wall. good stuff. amazing products....even the base coats are awesome.
It's an Onyx, why would you do that?

Rockets are meant to fly man!
Originally posted by DPatell
It's an Onyx, why would you do that?

Rockets are meant to fly man!


I have found the quality of paint doesnt matter as much as the gun that shoots it. I was going to spend some $45 on some automotive paint for a rocket, but rather than do that I bought some $10 Rustoleum meant for tractors. The stuff is tough, it looks beautiful (for a rocket) and it was cheap. I think this is the type of stuff that is great for rockets, it is highly strong automotive paint but it still looks good.
I second the notion that rockets are meant to fly, but I also understand the idea of giving a special rocket a special paint job. For example, I've got a special kit that is going to be (eventually) for both my L1 and L2 cert shots. I've got some of the Krylon Mystique paint (2 whole sets) for it. Normally, I just use the cheap stuff in the rattle can that matches the color I want to see, and if it's a white rocket I'll use the appliance epoxy white (that stuff's indestructable!) and I don't spend a lot of money on it. I do like my rockets to look nice, and sometimes will take a lot of care to get the finish right. Sort of a feel thing. That's my way of thinking!

wwattles : I agree completely with you there. What I was commenting on was the lettering he planned to add, then hang it on the wall. Get a decent paint job on that you're happy with, then fly it over and over again until it dies!
The probability of a crash is directly proportional to the quality of the paint job.
Originally posted by Rocketjunkie
The probability of a crash is directly proportional to the quality of the paint job.

Can I get an AMEN, Brothers!
about 6 of the Spaz Stix rattle cans
i LOVE this stuff!

12 dollars for a paintjob on a 40 dollar rocket with a 50 dollar RMS casing and 12 bux in propellant, maybe a hundred bux of electronic gear...

i don't consider it excessive
I really want to try some of the metallics and some of the color change ones i haven't tried yet.
Originally posted by Rocketjunkie
The probability of a crash is directly proportional to the quality of the paint job.

But then, I'd refer you to my friend Todd. His policy was that he never painted his rockets, because they just were going to crash eventually anyway, so why waste the time and effort and money? His 3" Phoenix had so many repairs on it that by the time it finally died completely, it had less than 25% original parts left, and still no paint (probably about 15 flights in the nude).

i ususally fly a naked rocket right after its built. wont be painted until after it has at least one good flight. the two exceptions were the LOC aura and the estes wizard. the wizard lives, the aura is somewhere in northeastern MA.