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Oct 17, 2002
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Does anyone on this forum have experience with the Cesaroni Pro 150 "O" motor? I've had these really big rocket parts for two years now and I'm finally getting around to planning this big boy. If I allow for the larger casing, I could always adapt it down to 98mm.
The motor is actually 160 mm diameter (6.33"). I haven't flown one, the cost is prohibitive. The reload is $1995 and if you have to buy the casing, it's another $1995. For very large motors, I have gone the EX route.
Where do you get a 160mm motor mount? PML has a 6.007" ID, so I imagine a concrete form tube...
The Team O'Canada project 'Dauphin' was launched last July at RocLake 6 in Lethbridge, AB. I was there. The CTI 'O' is a great motor. Lit fast and made some noise. I'd love to see it in a minimum Diameter project. They used a 7" sonotube for the motor tube but the thrust was taken up by a thrust plate which transfered the force to the outside airframe. Metal parts such as this are alowed at a CAR launch.
The website can be found at https://www.stephensonline.ca/atha-aerospace/
Where on the Vinyard can you launch that monster? Recovery field on Nantucket?


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