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Cesaroni 54MM 6XL Motor Case & Rear Closure & Spacers & Delay Tool

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Jan 14, 2013
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Complete 54MM 6XL set up to run Cesaroni 54MM motors and 2 spacers that allow you to fly 5 Grain, 6 Grain and 6GXL motors, and the 54MM Delay Tool.

54MM 6XL Case & Screw Closure
Used 15 times and cleaned after each use. No Damage.
Purchased new the case was $114 and Closure $43.

Cesaroni 54mm Motor Spacers P54-SPXL & P54-SP, In very good condition.
$27 new cost

Delay Tool
Cesaroni 54MM Delay Tool
$30 New Cost including shipping.

Purchased new for $214 total. Buy for 30% off $150. Shipping anywhere in the US is $10, $160 total.

PM me with your email and I will send specific PayPal instructions.


spacer 54.jpg

case 54mm.jpg