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Jan 22, 2009
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Wow, what a great time at Black Rock XPRS !

In July I had taken the written test and pass with 100%

My plan
1) Use my Public Enemy SS-Arrow Dual Deploy with Ozarks ARTS with motor ejection backup.
This was my first dual deployment with electronics and motor ejection backup.
I did a shake down flight on a Pro 38 I 285, the results were the main parachute was not deployed and ended up with a major crack on one of the bottom fins.
(I later found out with a little help from Jeff at Loki research that for some reason after the Drogue deployed the Altimeter did a reset, I am thinking most likely a lose wire at this point)
Scratch the SS-Arrow now designated as “BROKEN ARROW”

So backup plan # 1 comes into play, Public Enemy Bull Pup single Deploy with Qzarks ARTS with motor ejection backup. I did another shake down flight using an A-RMS I435, an what wow the flight was perfect ! (Later found out that motor ejection had fail, but the ARTs fired perfectly)

Ok I set the Bull Pup up again to cert for Level 2, with a Pro 38 J330, again Perfect flight! Check the rocket everything looks just fine, had the prefecture sign off. It was Miller time!!

Finished of the weekend by launching the Polecat Aerospace 5.5 Phoenix on a Pro54 K530 Smokey Sam, what can I say it was like icing on the cake!

What I learn was always have a backup plan

Ron VanStone
Tripoli 09888 cert L2
congrats on your cert success, and most of all, the heads up back-up plan.

Time to spend even more rocket funds :D
there were some great flights and some wild ones, too!
glad you had a backup plan!
congratulations!!!! Glad to see another rocketeer entering the "broken zone" also known as L2 :D
I think maybe level 3 is some where in the future, for now I wan't to just build rockets ; learn as much as possible and enjoy as many launchs as I can without a cert hanging over my head

Tripoli 09888 L2
If you check my web page for some pictures, unfortunely I did not get one of the Bull Pup. I have 2 videos , but do not have the ability to post them !