Centuri SST Shuttl Main Body Tube Size

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Oct 7, 2009
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I'm coming back to rocketry after something like 25 years since my kids are showing an interest in Rocketry.

I'm rebuilding some old rockets that look like the nephew got a hold of. I'm planing on starting with the Centuri SST Shuttle. I know Centuri used different diameters than Estes so I'm lost. Trying to find a tube of similar size that I can just splice in. The rocket look like somebody stepped on it but the Shuttle and the lower half of the main rocket are in good shape.
Semroc it is then.

Back on the JimZ site there is a button for the full PDF version. Can anyone open these? I forgot that the instructions for the SST was so long and it was a pain to download each one.
The tube that was used on the SST Shuttle is a Centuri ST-10, which is slighter larger in diameter than an Estes BT-50.

Semroc has the ST-1080 which is a perfect fit. 1.000" ID. 1.040" OD. 8" long