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Feb 7, 2009
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I want to build a clone of the old Centuri Magnum Jayhawk. I downloaded the plan sheet from YORP, but unlike Estes, Centuri directions don't give a parts list with part numbers. I want to order the authentic parts from Semroc, but I need to know what nose cone, what main body tube, and how long it needs to be. Can anyone help?
Have you considered the MadCow Jayhawk? I'm just finishing mine...great, quality kit and can fly on E-G motors. Balsa NC and tailcone (no need to deal with making a wrap for the tailcone).

I was going to clone the Jayhawk a while back, then decided the Madcow kit was a much better alternative.
That's a nice kit, but a little pricey for me. One of the reasons why I like to clone is that I can get the parts I need much more cheaply than buying the whole kit complete, even whole reproduction kits from Semroc. Of course the only things I can't clone have custom plastic parts, but there are still options available if you look hard enough.
Howdy folks. I am preparing to clone a Magnum Jayhawk. Does anyone out there have a parts list they can share? The Semoc link posted above no longer works. Alternatively, maybe someone has a working link via the mystical, magical Wayback Machine? Thanks much.
I realize I should have been a bit more specific… I have the parts list from the instructions/plans. I am trying to ensure I select the correct body tubes for the stuffer and flare tubes.
Many thanks! That is all I needed to get going. My “calibrated” eyeball estimated the flare tube was an 18” BT-20 when I took a look at a parts photo for a kit on ebay, but I suspected it was an old Centuri tube when I couldn’t find any info when referencing the original part number for the tube. Also, after printing some of the templates, like the tube cut-out for the flare nose cone, the cut seemed ever so slightly large for a BT-20. So yes, ST-7. I’ll sub a BT-20 if necessary.

Thanks again!