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May 2, 2009
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after reading the Bunny thread, i got a hankerin' for a boost-type glider-thingy


this caught my eye as being sufficiently different than the typical fare...

the MMT is drying, or i'd post a pic!

it should be camera-ready by tomorrow!
looks like a fun flying rocket!
it stil lneeds the canopy and some clay here and there...
Very good so far.

A member of our local NAR club (HUVARS) made a Mach 10 clone but he used a movable horizontal stablizer with the activator rod made from piano wire fed through a long launch lug glued onto the trailing edge of the vertical stablizer.

Very ingenious arrangement and it boosts staight and high on a C before transisioning into a nice circular glide.

I will try to get more info at the next meeting.
Looking good so far. I always liked the way this model looks.

The Mach 10 can be a little tricky launching. I have mine from way back and every launch it wanted to loop backward.

I finally got it to fly reasonably by putting extra clay in the nose cone to help the boost and tilting the rod down slightly and putting the model upright so that when it started to loop, it would loop upward and be pointing about level when the ejection charge went off.

It shows a little wear and my lack of finishing skills back then.
there ARE some around!

great looking rocket, especially with the wear, bob!

sandman, i'd love to hear any more details you find!

Great Mach 10's.

I have cloned 2 mach 10's and have had many good launches. A couple of hints, Do a lot of glide tests with a spent motor in it. The instructions have some good tips on this. I have never sealed the wings and so far this has worked well. I launch mine at about a 60 deg angle, This produces a nice arcing boost and then a nice glide. I have had mine glide for quite a while, sometimes level and sometimes in a nice spiral down.

I love this rocket. You can build it in one night and it is great flyer. The only problem is that I have lost the nosecone once.

Have fun with it!

I flew the Mach 10 today!

first flight on a B4-4 i launched it at a bit too much of an angle, it didn't gain enough height but glided down ok.

second flight, C6-5 - more nose weight needed for this motor. the model made one loop before burnout, recovery was perfect.

3rd flight - A8-3 Picture-perfect flight and the glide was absolutely flat and perfectly awesome!

here's a pic of the boost
Nice job! I like that boost pic.

I really like boost gliders and the Mach 10 is really cool when you get everything just right.

Figuring how much angle to set the rod is key to good flights with this model. I had mine figured out just about right for a B4 and didn't have any more and put a B6 into it. Big mistake. It made a big loop and was really low when the nose ejected. I always flew it on B4's after that.

Now you have me wanting to build another one to go along with my old warrior.
I've got a picture of mine strafing the crowd on the flight line. Most of the people in the pictures are kids, and all of them are smiling.
now i've done it...upscaled 1.6x
i used the estes E-motor hook

i had to carve the balsa nosecones for the belly tank, but otherwise the build was very straightforward.

i can't wait to see this puppy on a 3-second burn E motor!
And finally, a Mach 10D launch shot. (One of my favorites.) This one was really cool while it lasted, but it pooped out the engine tube on a flight not long after this was taken and never flew the same after repairs. It eventually died the typical Mach 10 death, hitting the ground under full power.