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Sep 23, 2004
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Was going to do some more building this evening but....

I few people asked for the specs on the Flutter-By that was in the in the collection of old Centuri rockets I got. So I, humble newbie, present an offering to the Alter of Missing Plans for Vintage Rockets (JimZ, you out there?).

Enclosed are the homemade plans I reversed engineered from the built rocket. This is my first attempt at this sort of thing so I hope you find it useful enough to get a workable kit off of it. Its about as complete as I could make it.

Main body tube is an ST-83 based on the measurements(Semroc?). There is some nose in the clay, but I haven't flown it yet, so a CG measurement wouldn't be really relevant at the moment. If I manage to get out this weekend, I'll see if I have an 'A' to throw in it and test it. Only other comment I can make is there probably should be some wadding material pressed up against the back of the nose cone to protect the plastic from the ejection gases. Once completed narrower Insert Body is slid into Main Body, and 4 fins aligned so that they are at 90' right angles to each other on takeoff. Recovery is self explanatory ;)

https://www.ninfinger.org/~sven/rockets/catalogs/centuri74/74cen20.html for pic of original with factory paint scheme

Any feedback welcome and appreciated. Enjoy!
Oh yeah, almost forgot, NC was 2.05" in length. Semroc might sell them in a Centuri ST-83 diameter...

PS, I'll have to see if I can get a scan of the decal so we can try and replicate it.

Couple of other redundant notes:

Nose must be glued on, so ejection forces push Insert Body out for separation and flutter recovery.

Launch lug is glued at join of fin and body tube, attaching to both.

Recommended motor is 1/2A6-2 or A8-3