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Jul 20, 2004
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Hi, I would really like to build this rocket. I think it's someting different and kind of cool. I was a teenager when he tried this. Kind of a joke. Maybe that's where FOX got it's ideas for all the reality show. Anyway I need to know if anybody has a parts list for this. JimZ's page has the plans but there doesn't seem to part list. He has the decals so that shouldn't be a problem in finishing it. Any help would be great.

Thanks - Scott
If you click on this picture on that plans page:


You get the following parts list:

Centuri Evel Knievel Sky Cycle #2150

Q  Desc                     Stk Num Size                Other

1  Plastic Nose Cone        PNC-132
1  Body Tube                ST-13   7"L
1  Body Tube                ST-5    1.5"L
1  Launch Lug               LL-1    1.25"L
1  Launch Lug               LL-3    3"L
1  Thrust Ring              TR-5                        Fits ST-5
1  Engine Lock                      1.75"L              For Mini-Motor
1  Chute Pack               CP-12   12"                 Blu/Wht
1  Shock Cord               SC-18   1/8" x 27"L         Rubber
1  Fiber Sheet                      4.25"W 11"L .050"T  Die Cut
1  Decal                    M-370   3.75"W 12.5"L       Red/Gld/Blu

Semroc will have the ST13 tube, and perhaps the motor mount stuff too. Give me a minute on the nose cone.
I made a nose cone for mine out of balsa. The original was plastic. The model has "rear" ejection I'd scrap that idea and go with normal nose cone ejection.

I actually made it for my son-in-law who is an Evil Knevil fan.

Do a search here. Marty made a BT-80 upscale one a few years back.

Don't forget to add nose weight!

Speaking of Moldin Oldies, I just noticed that they have the PNC-102. This is the cone for the Estes No. 1378 Firecat "anti-tank missle." And yes, this Estes rocket uses the Centuri ST-1010 body tube as well.

I just sent a decal scan of mine to Excelsior so that Fred can make fresh ones for me (the ones in my kit shredded when I dipped them in water.)

Since the nose cone is available, and the tube is available from Semroc or JonRocket, I think I'll go ahead and send the plans to RocketShoppe. Just a "heads up" if anyone is interested.