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Mar 18, 2009
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I love clusters, but centering rings are too expensive. How can I make my own centering rings. I have: A mitre saw, a jig saw, a dremel, a heavy duty drill, and I can aqquire a drill press. What is the method formaking sure everything is centered?
It helps if you can drill a hole in the center and stack them

you can mark them up and drill a hole for say a 1/4" screw in the center..rough cut the outside dimension with the jig saw than bolt them together ...
mount the stack with the screw thread in the drill press

turn the O.D. down to fit the tube(file and sand) .. than separate them and put the inside holes in helps to have some of the small sanding drums that can mount in the drill press to get the inner holes just right..

thats just the way I do them ,,, there is probably an easier way
I just havent found it yet