Centari Satellite 62SL (CLONE)

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Jan 19, 2009
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Ok so i have some parts laying around, i'm board depressed :confused:and well how do i fix it? meds? naaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! I build a rocket:D

so looking at my parts i have bt5 tubing, mosqueto nose cone, extra viking fins, basa, and a bunch more. so i decide to search through my plans box and i fint the plans for the Centari Satellite 62Sl it's really cute and is a dowal fin rocket. theirs the winner!!!!:cool:

so I begin by making sure the ruler matches a real one inch wise on the parts sheet. nope looks like off to yorp and jimz for the reprint.

printed out a non scaled version of the parts sheet and they match to the ruler.

ok the mosqueto nose is not the rite size but will do till i can order one.

I cut the bt5 to 2.5"
and make a fin template out of poster board.

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the next thing i do is search fo the fin stock. balsa wont work. so i look for something allont the lines of the origenal parts.

The viking fin sheet. I can get on fin per fin so i begin tracing each fin. than carefully cutting them out then sanding to a uniform fit



Next I mark the bt5 for the place ment of the four fins. and extend the lines all the way.

I than begin glueing each fin in place with a dbl glue joint.

Then instructions say to glue the dowals to the fins first but I would rather wait till the fins are dry and have decent fillits.



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while the fins dry i take four wooden swabs from my build box. Mark and cut them to 4" each.


Can you wait to glue on the nose Charlaine? I have a resin cast copy of the correct one here somewhere...
wasn't planing on glueing it yet was going to see who carried them and then order one. let me know please thanks :D
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after the fins dried I glued each dowal on with a dbl glue joint allowing the one to dry before proceeding to the next



Remember that pack of nose cones you wanted?
There's one in there, and they were shipped Wed. afternoon!:p

Evil Ed
Finishing this rocket will be interesting i'm looking at useing thing tin foil unless i can find some way to reproduce the origenal foial decals, he scan shows the blue of the scanner. Also would someone with an origenal built please post a photo. thanks
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Chrome monocote works well. They sell wide strips of the stuff for trim rather than having to buy the whole roll.
thanks for the tips.

Thanks to evil ed I now have the proper nosecone inplace and she is mostly ready for paint. one leg poped off so i need to reglue it photos coming later :D

As for painting and finishing. i'm looking at a base coat of black epoxy paint. then I will figuare out how to do the silver the crome monocoat is not offered in my area just a silver. so i will look into that bear metel stuff.
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