celebrating New Years in different time zones

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Jan 18, 2009
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It's nearly 12 midnight in the UK, and like many in the UK it will be the chimes of Big Ben that welcomes in the new year, but i was wondering that do you do in your country? i know about the dropping of the ball in Time square, but as there are different time zones in the US then do different states have there own iconic image for midnight, what about other nations?
Good question! I have no idea! :) We lived in California for a number of years and kind of ignored the whole Times Square thing. As far as I can tell, we yanks celebrate in our local civil time...
Happy New Year (just over an hour late here in fact).

Fireworks. Lots of them. Many along the street or not within the NAR/TRA specified launch angle ;)

Still going on now an hour or so later :)
I live in Elizabethtown Pennsylvania and I just got back from ringing in the new year downtown - at 7PM - no I'm not kidding we have done that for several years now! We countdown by dropping a big M&M - the biggest industry in town being M&M Mars/ Masterfood. But most local town celebrate at midnight by dropping something of local interest, in Harrisburg from Strawberry Square they drop an illuminated strawberry, in Dillsburg a big dill pickle , in Falmouth a stuffed goat (don't ask) in Lancaster, the Red Rose city they drop a big red rose. In York, the White Rose city the defy tradition by raising a big white rose at midnight. Being in the UK I bet you know the red and white rose traditions.
We lived in northwest Florida (Central time zone) for 22 years, and it always felt a little odd seeing all the TV stations acting like the whole country was on New York time. We're in Maryland now and it's no longer an issue.

Happy New Year, everyone! :cheers:
Although I have lived in several cities in 3 different states, I have always lived in the Eastern Time Zone. So when the big ball dropped in Manhattan, it was New Year's for me too. We have never gone to Times Square to watch it in person, but my wife and I did go to Central Park for New Year's in 1980, I think. In the first few years after we were married, we lived on Long Island (NYC metro area) and for New Year's Eve we would always go over to a friend's house to celebrate with a bunch of our friends at her big annual bash. Later, when we lived in Albany, NY in the early '80s, we would go across the street and watch the fireworks show that would commence just after midnight at the Empire State Plaza. In the 25 years since we moved up to the mountains, we have welcomed in the New Year quietly at home while celebrating with the revelers on television in Times Square. My wife's sister and her husband and kids travel into the City from LI every year to celebrate in TS.

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Being in the UK I bet you know the red and white rose traditions.

Being born in yorkshire and having a wife born in lancashire, the war of the roses is occasionally re-entacted, usual result is the red rose wins.

that's why the english flower is the red rose.