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Dec 24, 2003
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And the journey begins...

She will be approximately 48" tall and a bit more than 2.5" in diameter.

After careful consideration I will probably restrict the first iteration to E class BP motors so I can gap stage it.

I am trying to leave room for electronics for the second stage ignition. One idea I have seen floated is to use an e-match and a pressure switch that activates when aerodynamic drag pulls the booster away.

The RSIM file is still hypothetical as I will probably need to add a tube coupler to get the sustainer length.

I'd appreciate any feedback.
when I do electronic staging I plan on using a timer.....
It seems to me that this would be the simplest method to use...
You just have to know what the booster thrust duration in time is, and add a second.....

Or I may use a G switch........we shall see...

1) If you are using staging electronics, would you leave out the ejection charge and use a plugged motor in the booster?

2) Are the electrics in the sustainer or in the booster?

3) If in the sustainer, I presume they are in the payload bay. How does one deal with the wiring as it leads to the lower tube after ejection?

here is what I would do;

if there is space put the timer in the sustianer and have it stage, keep the ejection charge in the bottom motor that way it will deploy the chute for the booster.

Another way, and this is the way I am doing it in my Terrier Sandhawk; is: put the timer in the booster, have it stage the motors, then have the second channel deploy the chute, this way there is no need for motor ejection.
I have heard that you should ALWAYS put the timer or whatever you are using in the sustainer. For my 2 stage HPR rocket (I won't be building it anytime soon) I will put the timer in the altimeter bay (not enough room in sustainer booster) and have the igniter run all the way from the altimeter bay to the motor (about 2.5 ft). I will accomplish this by using either a really long igniter on extentions to the igniter leads to make it longer. I will also be using motor ejection for the chute in the booster. I hope to fly it on an I211 to I211! :D :D :D :D