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Jan 26, 2009
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I just launched my CC Express which I modified to a DE Express. D12-0 to a E9-8. One word ... WOW!I got the idea from a tread somewhere in TRF. It's a straightforward conversion, just moving the sustainer engine block up further. The flight was very stable. The booster stage came tumbling down right to me. I caught with my left hand while keeping a eye out for the second stage. I don't know what altitude it went up to, but it was way up there.
I just finished up my CC Express. I'm very impressed with it. It's inexpensive and looks great. I haven't flown mine yet, but I hope to soon. I was concerned that with D12-0 to D12-7 I might not find it....never thought of going with an E ;) I assume you recovered it?

Came close to recovering it. It landed about 100m in a corn field. I did not attempt to recover it.
I love the CC Express.

Such classic lines and beautiful flights make for a way impressive demonstration rocket.

Here's a pic of one I did for a Science Day launch at my kids' school.

I invited the school principal to launch it, which he did. Everyone got a big kick out of the principal "launching himself".

Flew magnificently and drifted off to elsewhere.
I launched my CC express on D's and it just simply disappeared.I thought i had lost it but a passer-by turned up with it about an hour later and asked if it was mine.I have no idea were it landed:)
Could someone "dumb down" the RSim file on EMRR of the CC Express so it is readable with v5 (demo)?? I'm too lazy to open my kit, take the measurements, and build a file from scratch....

I wonder what it Sims to on a D12-0/E9-8 combo. I've successfully recovered a rocket from about 2200' in moderate winds at my usual flying field, with an "oversized" parachute too.
D12-0/D12-5, no wind, = 1845.54 feet

D12-0/E9-8, no wind, = 2659.23 feet

Under any wind at all the E9-6 is a better choice.

CCExpress with only 3 fins on sustainer and booster (same size and pattern as original, just one less of each than stock), D12-0/E9-8, still yields 2.28 calibers Barrowman stability. :)

Predicted altitude 2821.18 feet. :D

Has Estes ever made anything that will fly higher?
A friend of mine gave me a CC Express for Christmas one year.
I modified it for gap staging and for putting an E motor in the top stage.
I replaced the chute with a nylon one.
I have flown it twice on a D12-0/E9-8 combination. Once was at
a cattle ranch. I had to hike over several hills to get that one back.
The second time was at Lucerne Dry Lake when there was very
little wind. I probably only had to walk about 100 feet to get it, but
boy did it stay up there for a long time under chute.

Then again, I modified a Navaho Quest to fly on 3 stages
with D12-0/C6-0/C6-7. I've lost a few of those.