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Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
Something I find a tad interesting...

Recently I acquired a "new" Dr. Rocket RMS 29/180 motor from Performance Hobbies. The Serial number of the case is 199, manufactured in 8/96. The laser etching on their cases have improved during the years. On the 96 model, the lettering is more "blocky" with a slightly larger found. Also, the rocket logo is not as clear as it is on the newer cases.
So much for caring about the S/N or date on an AT case. Maybe they made a run, scrapped/shelved the idea, and when they started up again didn't remember what the last S/N used was?
The Dr. Rocket hardware serial numbers are running in their own sequence of numbers. The AT cases run with their own sequence.

We did pull computers out of the building that had the serial number information on the AT cases and we picked up where we left off when we started shipping them again.