Carpenter's Wood Filler Duel!


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Jan 18, 2009
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I remember reading a post where someone recommended the Stainable Wood Filler over the regular Carpenter's Wood Filler. After some questions had come up recently, I decided to compare the two, side by side.

I bought the Stainable Filler in a tube. I had a hard time getting it to squeeze out of the nozzle even after cutting off and enlarging the tip. I ended up slicing through the tube to get it all out.

For the rest of the article, I'll refer to the Carpenter's Wood Filler as CWF. The Stainable Wood Filler will be referred to as SWF.

I mixed it up with water as close as I could come to the regular CWF consistency. The SWF has wood fibers in it, at least that's what the tube advertised. When mixed, it's a little darker brown than the standard CWF.

I cut two pieces of 3/32" balsa from the same sheet for testing. The regular CWF brushed on with no problems. But the SWF went on very rough. It was not easy to get an even coat. In picture two both pieces are dry. You can easily see the differences in the two formulas. The darker filler is the SWF.


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