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Jan 18, 2009
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I guess I'll be the first to post a new cardstock rocket in this forum.

It's the Spacemaster, which was Centuri's version of the Estes Satellite Interceptor. The only real difference was the paint scheme and nose cone, with the Spacemaster having a canopy while the Satellite Interceptor did not.

The model is a downscale that utilizes 13mm motors and was built from 65# cardstock.

I've included a couple of pictures of the Satellite Interceptor to show just how close these were in design.

The patterns for the Satellite Interceptor are here:

The patterns for the Spacemaster are not posted anywhere as of now but I hope to send them off soon so they can be posted alongside some of my other downscales.




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Bob's rockets are a favorite on my site. I've regularly launch them at ROCC launches and people love them.

Bob- email me when Spacemaster is ready!
Thanks Bob. Hope to see more of these. They are a hoot to build.
Looks good Bob!
I especially like the nose. ;)

Thanks Eric,

As you know, nose cones are not my favorite part of card rockets but this one was easy.

It was a cylinder and a cone with a canopy attached, so simple that even I could do it!