Cardboard tube damage & High gloss finish


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Aug 25, 2021
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Central Florida
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[Update] The last coat of primer was sanded smooth and the first coat of yellow was applied to the booster. It started to get a bit splotchy toward the bottom of the can so I stopped and let it dry. Will go at it with a new can tomorrow. Its no mirror finish but so far so good for rattle can paint.

Anyways, the launch is coming up next weekend so I'm still trying to make up my mind and the simplest and most reliable (not ridiculously expensive) tracking. In addition to that, I want to put a camera on board to record the flight. This rocket is a bit too small for a full size action cam like a GoPro or knock off, so I'm looking around at spy and body cams and was wondering if anyone has any experience with these or anything like em..

ION SnapCam
Micro Spy Cam
USB Style Cam