Carbotanium or Graphene

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I use graphene batteries for GPS.

For tubes or plate both materials are overkill and costs are beyond our means for now. Besides carbon is fully capable of 99.9% of our hobby needs [& way beyond actually]

So why are you interested in some super duper project up your sleeve, needing exotic space age materials?

I wish, but regretfully I just can't sleep at night sometimes, and this one popped up.

Although I was thinking about trying to convince the local high school to take on a project to be the first high school to reach Mars.....😀😀😀
You just need a principal with a very large ego (and budget). :D About graphene. I would love to toy with it but for fun it is still bit out of reach. However it is getting considerably cheaper recently and it is getting used a lot in the industrial area. There are already some companies specialized to tailor advanced nano materials. Not quite there yet but soon we can have fun with some of these materials. :)