CAR L3 flight success!

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Jan 7, 2004
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My CAR Level 3 (TRA L2) Cert flight was a success!

This weekend I launched at a Calgary Rocketry Club launch at next years LDRS site near Lethbridge Alberta.

The rocket: An arm and a Leg
PVC airframe launched on a CTI Pro54 J295
Due to weather cock it only reached 3000 feet. Low and slow.
Good electronic dual recovery using Perfectflite MAWD

A lot of good rockets and good flights including a Junior HP flyer who certed L1, L2, and L3 over 2 days then got a record setting L-impulse flight over 15,000 feet.

There were a couple other good high flights over 25,000 ft. (50,000 waiver) They were using ATHA GPS telemetry systems. Good thing too because nobody could see them coming down.


Photo by Greg Mills, thanks Greg

A HUGE conratulations on your successful certification. IT is usually a time you will never forget and I am glad you got one fantastic shot of it going up...very cool!

Now it's time to really open up the wallet and have some fun at the same time.

Once again... Well Done,


Nice pic too!!!

I'm curious, what's the name of the junior hpr rocketeer who got the L record? I'm a junior hpr flyer and I'd like to see how many of us are there in Canada.