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May 30, 2016
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Would it be possible for us to get our own for sale section? Even if it's a subsection of this part of the forum.

I feel like it would benefit us all so we're not scouring through posts to find stuff that's feasible for us to buy/sell.

Thanks in advance!
In this current climate, I would love to have a section where I could purchase my own Canadian for personal use. You never know when one will come in handy.
In this current climate, I would love to have a section where I could purchase my own Canadian for personal use. You never know when one will come in handy.

You know, that might actually come in handy! With our apparent politeness, any time you get into a 'cuff, pull out your "Canadian" to apologize & sooth the situation!

As to the original post, I think it's a good idea. But I doubt there is enough traffic to warrant it.. I've seen (and bought from) one Canadian seller in the past year.. Most US sellers can ship to us, if asked nicely..
My experience with apologies is that sometimes "Sore-ey" is a polite way of saying "piss off!" so... it's the thought that counts, right?. :lol:

But yes, it would be nice to have. Not as much traffic as the regular for-sale section, but more then some other sub-forums that already exist.
Well I am English.... my personal Canadian would always be apologizing for my dry, dark, humour..... or just be there to help me... :)
Why not just allow for sale posts in this section? There is a grand total of 2 threads that have seen active posts this month, 12 threads in total this year. Not like things will get lost in the deluge...
I would like it but I don't expect it. I have a lot of rockets to list and I have sold some to people in the U.S. It isn't super easy and it costs a fair buck even if you hand carry them over the border to ship them. (Not talking about big kits, they might be worth it)
My reason for not posting them here in the regular for sale section is that I think it would irritate most people if I indicated CDN sales only. I'll watch this but what are there, maybe 20 active Canadian people posting?
I might drag a bunch of stuff to Rock Lake this year. I'll see after that. I do know that I could never build them all.
Is the idea to get a better price in Canadian funds as a purchaser, or save money on shipping, or is there a perceived convenience?

In fact I have posted things for sale and have yet to have a Canadian respond, everything has been sold to US fliers. And because I attend US launches often it is mostly hand delivered or handed off to be delivered, and rarely shipped. On the purchasing side I have yet to buy anything from a Canadian. However I have purchased from a lot of US fliers and shipping is mostly from the US seller to the US address of another US flier that I have developed a friendship with over the years and he allows me to ship to his home, or direct to me, or a pickup/hand-off at a US launch.

Besides that, for some unknown reason, shipping from Toronto to the rest of the country is ridiculous. Just lookup how much it cost to ship from Nfld. to BC./Nfld. to Toronto or BC. to Nfld./BC. to Toronto. Then compare that to how much it cost to ship from Toronto to BC. or Toronto to Nfld. It seems that once the word Toronto is inserted into the shippers address the price doubles. For me it is more often cheaper to ship to the US.

I believe that this would work against us as sellers and I see little if any advantage as a purchaser.
I'll send you a list when I get back from Rock Lake. I'm busy getting ready to head out tomorrow. I was in Toronto this week and never got a chance to look here.
Thanks for asking about them, Paul.