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dr wogz

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Feb 5, 2009
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Land of Poutine!
Hi All,

Any and all info regarding CAR (Canadian Association of Rocketry) is appreciated.

I beleived that I could get my CAR, and my MAAC (which I already have from RC flying) and be flyign with the 'big guys'.

I did send an e-mail to the 'contact' on teh CAR website, with a few questions, but no respnce. I also sent them my $40 for my CAR membership (and presumed 'in time' for the [cancelled] Valcariter launch.) But so far, no membership card..

I have been told that I shoudl get my Tripoli membership instead, as CAR have lost their 'insurance', and wouldn't neccessaryly be honoured (or at elast, that how I took it)

So, what is up with CAR?

And were do you find the regs for 'Transport Canada' regarding this subject (apparently a large portion of the cert 1 written test)?

The CAR site does have links, but broken. Seems the Canadian gov'ment has changed / re-ordered the regs, and the regs listed as 'applicable' no longer reference anything relavent, are really hard to find, or just no longer exist.....