Canada - Controlled Airspace above 700 ft?

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May 6, 2023
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Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hello all!
New member based in Vancouver, Canada, and I'm just getting started in rocketry. I ordered my first kit last week and I want to make sure I do everything by the book.
Most safety guidelines make perfect sense to me, but I find myself receiving mixed information regarding an altitude limit for low powered rockets.
The law seems somewhat vague about this (to me). The one concrete piece of information I can find on the matter is this excerpt from Canadian Air Regulations, which states:
602.45 No person shall fly a kite or launch a model rocket or a rocket of a type used in a fireworks display into cloud or in a manner that is or is likely to be hazardous to aviation safety.

It seems like some people have interpreted this to mean that model rockets have no altitude restrictions at all.
In this thread regarding Canada's altitude limitations, user Area66 states:
"As long as your rocket is 3.3 pounds or less and the combine[d] total impulse of all the motors is 160 N/s or less you are ok".
User Threemorewishes agrees, stating:
"Yes, if it is classified as a model, the only limit is physics".

However, this information seemingly conflicts with information found in this reddit thread, regarding a similar topic.
In the comments, user troyunrau states:
"Airspace 700 feet above ground level is considered controlled airspace, except in the high arctic. Which means you are required to adhere to the normal aviation rules there. Largely, that's using a radio to check for conflicts. There are a lot of protocols and best practices to learn there."

With all this in mind, can anyone confirm whether I would be required to get an aviation radio certification in order to fly my rockets past 700 ft?
Thank you all so much in advance,

Hi Nate, did you find a place in the lower mainland to launch rockets? I live in Pitt Meadows and am looking for a site. Let me know if you can help!