Can You Say "Spellcheck"?

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Originally posted by Elapid
of Estes and Testor's went through?

On a (flimsily) related note,

my wife was reading a nationally circulated magazine recently (I forget, it was a women's magazine or a hobby magazine targeted at women like "Quilting" or something like that.)

She was aghast at all the typos throughout the numerous articles! She showed me a few, and they were quite glaring (misuse of "your" and "you're", misuse of "to" and "too", simple misspells and character juxtaposition, etc.) As a reporter for a newspaper, her comment was "You'd think a magazine with the circulation of this one would have *numerous* editors to catch these things!!" I couldn't help but agree.
He may not be a goot speler but he has over 5,000 feedback with a 99.4 percent positive rating. I don't think I would have a problem bidding on one of his auctions.
Originally posted by missileman
over 5,000 feedback with a 99.4 percent positive rating.

that IS what counts in the end!
i'd buy from him/her also!
I bid on the auction! I just think that of all the spelling errors he could have made on "Centuri" this was probably the worst!!!
Remember the warning about buying as is and the bit about not misrepresenting the item?
Maybe it wasn't really a Centuri but instead a clone called a "Cunturi"