Can someone sim this for me?

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Jan 30, 2009
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I need the Rocksim data for a PML Tethys on an Aerotech I366R. I'm going home on leave in a few weeks and I will be able to go to a launch. I'm going to buy a Tethys for the launch.

:( Sadly, it will probably be my last launch for a very long time. In September, I go to Tomahawk school in San Diego for about 3 months. Then i'll be stationed in Japan for about 3 years.
I'm going to stick with the gentler I218R. I will be sending my Raptor into the upper stratosphere on an H220T. (insert mischievous grin here) Can you sim that for me?

Don't worry, i'll be bringing my new 4 megapixel, 10X optical zoom digital camera and my laptop to the field. :D
That would be pretty cool! I should be able to go from friday to sunday. I'll definitely look into that.
2453.44' on the I218R.

Thats a little more reasonable... Should be a cool flight! :cool: :)
Yeah, a redline going to an altitude where you can actually see it all the way.:D
Be sure to post pictures...
Nick, by Raptor do you mean Hawk Mountain? Cause I simmed the Hawk Mt. Raptor on an H220 and got 5,200' at about 700mph. I'm not sure how much yours weighs, but I simmed mine which weighs a little less than a pound. That should be an interesting flight.
My Raptor is shortened, so the sim is too... It wouldent be accurate. srry.
Im sure that raptor would take it though... Awesome kit... Try it with an I200...:D:D WOW!