Can rocksim be used with rockets that utilize tumble recovery?

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Yes, but you have to "trick" R'sim into thinking it has a recovery device. I usually put in a streamer 1/4" wide by 1" long.
Why does that suck??

The "streamer" in question has virtually NO aerodynamic effect, but it "tricks" the programming into going into a 'recovery mode' and calculating terminal velocity of a 'tumbling' rocket instead of simply calculating it as 'streamlining in" for a core sample...

I've used the 'invisible tube' method for adding external booster tubes several times, and while a bit of a PITA originally, it's actually a neat work-around and gets done what you want done. Besides it's kinda "neat" having a ringfin .001 inch thick by .001 inch long back there "surrounding" the external tubes... LOL:)

Hey, if it works... why fight it?? LOL:) Later! OL JR :)

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