Can anyone recommend some international model rocketry sites please.

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Jan 18, 2009
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If you have links to non-USA rocketry sites, I would like to view/post on them. They can be of rocketry that is model, high power, and amateur interests!

Thank you in advance,

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the above is the link to the United Kingdom Rocketry Associationits the main site for the UK, and has all the links for the sites in the UK, vendors, clubs etc.
There is a forum but its only open to UKRA members.
There isn't an open forum in the UK that i know about, (that's why i'm here on TRF) i am a member of UKRA but don't use its forum, and a member of Midlands Rocketry, and do use their forum, but we only have 20 or so members so the forum is small.
Oh my god. :confused:

Anyway here's the russian one:
I see it's down now but it was up yesterday

Hey Dexter,

Its better for me to ask, then spending hours searching dead-end, virus spewing sites. I have been to a few .ru sites, and learned the hard way :(
And don't get me started on bit torrent ... if you want an infected host system, just download anything via the torrent!

By posting for links, I get links that are proven, established and maintained sites. I will sign up a few hours from now. It will be interesting! :santa-smile:

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Let me restate my original question:

Are there any sites on the web, that are a)International and b)have the participation and amount of information that TRF, Rocketry Planet, or YORS has?

I have been to the TRA site, and most of the international leads were e-mail addresses to prefect heads.

I went to some of the European sites and the information was very scarce.

Now I realize that international users use TRF, and the fore mentioned sites, but this site still uses English; I didn't have to install Kanji or Aribic font to read the postings here.

I checked in the contest area and I saw nothing for Kenya, South Africa, Korea, Chile, Norway... so still American there ;) This site, while moderated and posted to by international users, is still US-centric.

I want to know of international sites where I can see whats going on, see plans, pictures, theories, the works! I want a site that is specific to what is going on in that part of the world and has a large user base. I don't mind installing Korean fonts :)

I know they have model rockets, non-Estes, in Russia as I have a few in my collection. What are the model rocket manufactures in Russia, Sweden, Denmark, New Guinea, India, or is the world flying on nothing but Estes and Quest? I know there is a German model rocket manufacture. Are there old catalogs on-line for those manufactures or is the ONLY place on the web?

Any help would be appreciated. I will start looking myself and turn over what ever I find to the forum. Its just time consuming and I was hoping to avoid that.