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Jan 17, 2009
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I have a kit (Sunward Mirage) that I want to make a type of snow camo pattern on it. Issue is, I'm not using an airbrush.

Any suggestions on technique? I've never tried this before.
Completely coat the rocket in the lightest of the camo colors (I'll assume you are thinking of white and gray for snow camo?) Tear or cut openings in pieces of paper to make yourself patterns. Hold them close to the surface, and lightly spray the darker color, repeating as necessary. By varying the edge sharpness (cut or torn), and the distance off the surface of the rocket, you can get the edges to blur. You do not typically want really sharp delineation between colors.

Practice on big sheets of white paper, to see how the effect looks, before trying it on your rocket.
To go along with Trident's idea, there is a technique where you make small loops of masking tape and use that to hold the templates on the model. The loops make the templates stand off just enough to make a soft edge when you spray paint over them. Practice on scrap pieces as spray paint in cans is tougher to control than an airbrush.