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May 8, 2012
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Dallas Texas
After 8 weeks of staying home I came into work today, but not actually to do my normal job, which is IT support. We are getting rid of our Cisco VOIP phones and I had to come in today and wipe the phone's info and store them in one of the conference rooms. I think there are 111 phones on the floor I'm working on. Next I have to go back and check to see that the internet connection is good on the port replicators, which is what I'll be doing next. It took me 4 plus hours just to wipe the phones. I had to crawl under the desk of several cubicles because whoever the knuckle head that hooked these phones up last used zip tides so I had to cut the ties to get at the cables. I'll probably stay here another 3 hours and and then go home. Its hard to believe how fast time flies. I'm actually enjoying the work. Its nice to get out and do something. Based on what I hear on the news about the COVID-19 I'm guessing we won't be back in the office for another 3-4 months or longer and if we do come back, it will be in phases.

Stay safe my friends and keep busy building those rockets!