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Jan 4, 2009
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How hard is it to change shocks on a vehicle?

Local auto guy wants $200 per shock - which is, shocking!
That's rather high for simple shocks, so we're missing something.

What is the vehicle?

Are they shocks or struts?

Do you have a load leveling suspension?

Does the $200 figure include the cost of the shocks?

It must be struts not shocks for that price. Strut are considerably more expensive and are an integral part of the suspension system. While shocks are still important, the car will still stand on the wheels without them, not so for struts. It not for the novice to try.
My last set of struts and tie rod ends (inner + outer) cost me $1200 at Dobb's after the dust settled.

Quite a bit of ride improvement after that, though. Amazing what problems you miss when the onset is slow. :D