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Jun 30, 2010
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The next WRS launch is this Saturday (11th) folks! 11pm - when ever we want ;-) , useually around 3pm. Launching at the Ormskirk site. If anyone would like to join the convoy , I am meeting Apo11o at J3 of the M58 at around 10/ 10:30am, and leading the way to the site.

Apo11o Model Rocketry will be there with a range of LPR goodies !! :D
Well I've just got back from what seems to have been a 'OK' launch . Not many rockets where flown because of 20-25mph winds , and low cloud base.
I flew my Semroc Mark II (Finally!!!) , and my Spinfin.

I angled my pad into the wind and loaded each rocket up on C6-5's. The first to fly was the MKII , which span and went horizontally at about 700ft. Came in ballistic but deployed it's 12" Semroc 'chute and recovered perfectly, only minor damage was slight scorching around the top of the BT from the ejection.
Then came the spinfin. The angle was at about 80 degrees , and it left the pad REALLY fast! No spin tho' maybe I didn't stick those little tabs out far enough , or it did but the white smoke blended in with the clouds :( She deployed perfectley , and drifted about 500ft away and landed in a near by garden. It suffered slight damage , shoulder of the NC was burnt from the EC , and a tip of a fin's 'tab' was slightly blunted. (Recovered using a 12" Quest 'chute , all 'chutes where reefed)

There as a few more flights ( one was Bekki Peet's , Estes Sizzler that recovered using a streamer but lost it's nosecone ) . All the other flights I missed because I was too busy buying from Apo11o :D