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Jan 17, 2009
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Now that I have your attention :)

FlisKits is partnering with the IGNITE Foundation, Inc. and 5 other manufacturing/publishing companies to create a new type of fundraising tool that would be available for schools and non-profits.

We are performing a boiler plate test of the fund raiser over the next few weeks in Massachusetts.

We are also looking for a larger audience to test this on and I am thinking that TARC teams looking to raise some money for their program could benifit from this.

So... with that, I am looking for 3-6 TARC teams that are looking for new and exciting ways to raise the funds that they need to participate in this exciting competition.

Basically, what we are doing is providing a catalog of products that you sell at retail, similar to selling girl scout cookies or gift cards. After all of your orders have been taken and consolidated, you place bulk orders with each of the compaines participating and purchase the ordered items at a defined *wholesale* price. Your group then gets to keep the margins (profits) for your needs.

To qualify, you must be a valid non-profit (501c3). It is my opinion that the TARC teams qualify and I will be seeking the 501c3 number from the NAR so that we can supply it to the partners participating.

Examples of what will be available from this catalog:

FlisKits model rocket kits (Rhino, Cheetah, A.C.M.E. Spitfire, Praetor)
iBOTZ robots (Hydrazoid, Tribotz, Antiod, Sound Tracker)
Books from Perspective Books ("I am a Space Shuttle. I love to fly!") and Windward Publishing ("Space Station Science")
Software from Space Update (Mars Update, Earth Update, Space Update)
DVD from Universe Productions titled "The Universe"

These items range in retail price from $10.00 to $60.00 and provide 30%-40% in margins for wholesale.

We hope to have web pages online in the next few days as we iron out some issues. But the program is ready to launch, in a limited fashion.

If you think this would be an exciting way to raise money for your TARC team please respond here *and* send me an email. With your email, I can send you pointers to the catalog and order forms you will need as well as links to further explain this program.

For the purposes of this initial running of the program, we will not take more than six teams at this time, but keep watch for a full announcement in the near future.

kewl :)
Hey! My team is most definitely interested! We're team #3011! An email to you is on its way.
Originally posted by rocketsonly
Hey! My team is most definitely interested! We're team #3011! An email to you is on its way.

Arg.. that's weird, AOL seems to be down. Not only did my AIM suddenly kick me off, as well as not letting me back on, but doesn't work!
Yep, got your mail. I will be in touch with all the teams that express an interest later this weekend.