Calling all Phreds!Calling all Phreds!

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Feb 13, 2004
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Allright, I've been looking through the past posts to see if maybe I missed something.It seems as if I'm not the only one looking for Astronboy.I e-mailed him a couple of weeks ago and haven't heard anything.Apparently others haven't either.Does anyone know his wearabouts?Is he o.k.?:confused:
He does dissapear and reapear mysteriously!

I don't even try any more.
Originally posted by karatekicker271
ive known him to take long breaks like this

This is good to hear.I hope this is the case.Being involved in a whole bunch of Yahoo groups I have,unfortunatly,seen members go missing on a few occassions only to find out later that they had passed on.Not that many "old people" either.For example;One killed in Iraq and another teen as a result of a side effect of prescription meds among others.
Hurry back Phred!