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Apr 21, 2020
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So I'm not quite sure what the question is here, but I would love to answer it!

@cwbullet I sent you over the article (as of yet unpublished) on how to 3D print fin cans and export out 3D models in .obj format (called.mtl in RockSim, but MTL just refers to the graphics being included in the export).

Unfortunately, there is a bug in RS right now that means when you actually sit down to print it, it fills the body tube with resin, instead of leaving it hollow like it should. This is on the list of fixes coming, but it is a complicated one (at least sounded that way to my infantile understanding of software engineering). That is why the article has not yet been published.

However, for this forum alone, and with the context that it will fill your body tube if you don't manually fix that (a process which I don't understand, and Apogee customer service will not be able to help with) I will attach that article here. You will at least be able to see how that process should work.

Also note, this was a draft that has to date not been published, and I haven't even looked at it months. It may contain errors, as it has not yet gone through proofing.

Anyway, with no further warnings, here is how to 3D print anything from RockSim.