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dr wogz

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Feb 5, 2009
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Just that, fishing for ideas for Cake day!

Each month, the last Wednesday of every month, we have "Cake day" at work. We gather the company (about 100 people) in the lunch room for the afternoon coffee break, and serve cake. Each employee get s a slice of cake and/or some fruit salad. We then read off the month's birthdays & anniversaries, and welcome any new employees. Also, we sometimes use the time to make a company wide announcement, raffle off soccer tickets, or to make reminders, or the like..

Recently, one new hire, to show his appreciation, brought in a whack-load of Samosas (and Indian pastry type thing) they were a big hit! so, we are starting to think of the odd 'savory' thing to offset the 'sugar'

Any ideas as to cakes or other sweet thing? or to something savoury you might want?

Looking for new and interesting ideas..

We've done pies (a la mode!), cookies, cupcakes, tuxedo cakes, donuts, pastries, ice cream bars in July, a candy table for Halloween..
Apple fritters. Okay, it's a bit of a deep fried indulgence, but warm and fresh out of the fryer is soooo goood.
I love making chocolate buckeye balls. Chili cookoffs are fun too.
My favorite the last couple of years that I worked was a salsa bar. They used fresh ingredients from their gardens but you could probably get most of what you need from the grocery store. They ground the salsa fresh every Thursday afternoon and had plenty of corn chips. Usually someone would melt some cheese and add some salsa to it and make a dip too. That was so good!
If you're up for being the star employee of the year, you can make this Brown Sugar Pound Cake with Caramel icing. Word up tho, you'll need a candy thermometer to nail the icing. This was so good at Thanksgiving couple years ago. Everyone raved over it.

Bundt Cake.JPG