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Jan 20, 2009
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Where do y'all buy your CA? I've looked around and all I can find in the stores is little tiny bottles that are like 3 or 5 grams for 8 bucks. I'd like to be able to buy it in larger quantities so I don't have to keep buying itty-bitty bottles of it!

I buy mine on-line. I like buying from Tower Hobbies mostly because their shipping is reasonable and they have a wide selection...

Check out the link.
Tower Hobbies
I use Maxi-Cure extra thick (10-25 sec. set) CA. I buy it in 2oz. bottles. You can find it at most hobby retailers, but you'll want to look at the "local" or "mom & pop" type hobby shops.

Here's a pic:


Here's a link to the website for the producer, BSI adhesives:

In the pic, you'll notice that there is a silver rectangle with the BSI logo at the top of the front label. When you find it in your local hobby shop, this BSI logo will most likely be replaced with the logo of that hobby shop (the bottle I'm using now has a "Wild Bill's Hobbies" logo on it, and my spare bottle has a "HobbyTown USA" logo in that spot.)

The stuff retails for about $8 for a 2oz. bottle.

I prefer the extra thick CA's with the longer set time. This allows me to lay it on thick when applying fins (apply to the root edge of the fin itself), then set and position the fin. Provides a tad of workability so you can position the fin correctly, then dries very quickly and provides a super, super bond.

I've used several other brands of thick CA, including Slow-Jet and Pacer Slo-Zap. The Pacer Slo-Zap runs a close second to this BSI stuff, but the tip and applicator are difficult to deal with. For overall performance, this BSI CA is absolutely my recommendation. I use it almost exclusively in my builds: fin attachment, motor mount assembly, motor mount installation, couplers, you name it. I only use epoxy where there is somewhat of a "loose" fit when installing a motor mount or a coupler or something.

Bottom line: check out your local hobby retailer. They're sure to have something that will fit your needs.
I went with the Tower Hobbies folks - you were right! They indeed had quite a large selection, and the prices were also quite reasonable. I might have to bookmark that one!

I buy the maxi cure plus odoles variety, its a bit more expensive but it has a toatl of about 12 bucks for a 1oz bottle. I buy it at a local hobby store.

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