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Nov 18, 2014
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Denver, CO
As you may have seen John "Woody" 's post about knives:
You KNOW you need a knife, maybe for: to cut open a box just delivered from your favorite rocket shop, for general self-defense, or whatever. Even if you don't need a knife, buy one for a friend or a family member. I bought one for my brother's birthday! These are high quality knives for unbeatable prices!
Help him out a bit, if I could buy more I would, but I have lots of things that I'm saving up for, college, some rocket projects, etc.

So send out a PM, and get some knives! :handshake:
Well your honor, it was like this.. Yes, it was dark, it was quite late after all.. No, no, I didn't want to wake anyone, so I left the lights off.. only the fridge door light. Yes, a sandwich, I was in the kitchen as stated, making a sandwich. The carving knife? Oh, yes, it was the only one I could find.. Yes, I guess she did awake. And I guess she came to find me.. Yes, she found me in the kitchen. She told me she loved me.. Yes, she ran to me, to give me a hug.. 7 times.. backwards...

:D :D

I don't remember who it was who did the skit, but is one of my favorites!
No I don't need a knife. I already have one.

Knives are like rockets. You build it, you fly it, you buy another one.
You buy it, you sharpen it, you buy another one.
I carry 4 different knives all the time, and only one is from the bunch I got from the auction.
One is kinda like a Swiss Army knife. One is a 3" lock back mini hunter, one is a 3" lock back toothpick (use for testing meat on the grill only) and the other is 1.5" lock back from the auction. I use for anything that needs cut. I sharpen that one a lot.