Burt Rutan...the song

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Stumbled across your song while poking around your website.

Your beautiful Spaceship One led me to the link.

Absolutely loved the song, and the rocket.

Great work.
Well thank you Gus. The website that hosts that song is currently displaying a bit fackackda but the content is still available. ...I still haven't flown my SS1 but intend to soon. I've been trying to get to more music but these dang rockets have me sidetracked! ...I worked for weeks on a complicated rock arrangement of that song that never hit the mark. As soon as I decided to scale back the arrangement to that vaudevillian style it literally took me about 2 hours to do that version. I really appreciate your positive comments on the music and the rockets. A nice way to start my weekend!:) you have a great one.

I don't think I would ever have stumbled across this if Gus hadn't bumped it up. The song is great and it is now in my playlist. Thanks.
Also, a very nice SS1.
Thank you all for the comps on my SS1 AND for playing Burt Rutan 19 times on 05/06/06...It hit #1 on the acoustic charts on scrubrecords.com on this day!:)

planet out