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Jan 26, 2009
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in my wait for parts for another rocket ive been getting obscenly bored and throwing stuff together...

i cant think of a comedical clever name for this one, so you guys gotta help me out:


im not really sure where i thought i was going with this one, i just kinda went along with it...


all the tubes are 24mm, and can be used as mounts... i probably will only fly it on the middle one though... the plywood connecting them to the bt is tabbed into the tubes, and reenforced like a billion times, but i still dont think its strong enough...

just another shot:

the nosecone (actually a payload bay) comes out from right above where the dowels meet the tube...

the next one is my vauge attemp at a 24mm high flyer... of course my mom brought home more tubes and i had to add to it, and it probably wont get that high anymore...



it could probably hold up to F power


the last is just my baffle rocket painted and perdied up...

productive saturday eh?
How about the Quadrapodinator??

Looks wild!! :D But if you tried to fly it with working motors in all the mounts, and one didn't light... whoa nellie!!!! :eek:

But what the heck ... live a little, eh??