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May 2, 2009
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or E9...maybe F21?

i couldn't help myself!
the 18mm MMT just looked too small for this bird...so in went the 24mm with no thrust ring so i can use any length motor

gonna use stock fins and as little epoxy as i can stand
I woudlnt bother painting it if its the Estes Bullpup ,that thing is gonna dissapear! Maybe D12-0 <-> E9-6 , just a thought :p
but, with a nice reflective mylar streamer, maybe i'll spot it on the way down...
it only sims to 1100' on a d12
1800' on the E9

i'm more worried about the fins staying on at 300 mph than finding it again...
Id change the fins with ply & add epoxy fillets! I've heard that rockets with a 2fin design whisle at apogee , but this one doesn't for some reason , possibly because I've only flown it on a A/B/C? Wow! Thats quite high! I would of thought around the 2k mark myself. A long red or gold mylar streamer should be fine! Or a 12" 'chute.
heck just blow the nosecone..that might slow it down enough
i just lost my bullpup last night! flew it on a C6 with too big a chute and she went into some lines about 3 blocks away. she was so purdy too!