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Apr 8, 2004
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alright, for those of you who read my other post about my large "pvc" rocket you know that this is my first large scale..and first cluster rocket.

So now that Im down to making the engine mounts I want some opinions on what a good way to make a mount with 3 engines?

Also do i need a bulk head? if so what should I make that of?

What size motors? jflis may have some solutions for you.

A bulkhead can be made of balsa coated with epoxy for heat resistance or plywood.
What type of PVC - PVC is relatively heavy and stuff doesn't stick to it well.
its "close" to the same material as pvc....I have had no problems with sticking things to it yet...actaully thing bonds better than the estes tubes i usualy work with.
Its basically a plastic tube. My dad brought 3 of them home from his work they were used to ship rolls of paper in for his smaller "plotter/scanner."
its about 2 in. diameter also. 3 ft long.