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Sold Built Estes Titan IIIE, Cosmic Interceptor, Asteroid Hunter and Xarconian Cruiser


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Feb 10, 2009
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Marion, Indiana

Time for another reassessment of my kits. I'm not a kit collector and am trying to sell the ones I'm not passionate about so I can pay for the ones I am. Payment through Paypal goods and services, I pay those fees. Shipped from Marion, IN at your actual cost. If you want more than one thing we can talk.

Here's what I got:

1. A built Estes Titan IIIE - Never launched and pretty decently built, but not museum quality by any stretch. It's a prime candidate for a rebuild if that's your thing. The plastic parts are hard to come by. I can share more photos with you if you're interested. $50

2. Estes Cosmic Interceptor - Opened bag but complete. The tubes are in great shape. $40.00

3. Asteroid Hunter - Opened bag but complete. The tubes are in great shape. $25

4. Xarconian Cruiser - Sealed bag, mint condition. $25

5. Estes Phoenix Decal Sheet - Very good shape, very usable. $10. I've included a closeup of a crease on the sheet. The blue is not chipped off, that is the light shining off the crease. You can't notice it if you're looking straight on, but I thought you should see it. I've got a nosecone too if you're cloning one. They're not exactly rare, but I don't think Estes sells them anymore. I can sell you both for $15.

IMG_3959.jpeg IMG_3956.jpeg IMG_3953.jpeg IMG_3954.jpeg IMG_3955.jpeg IMG_3952.jpeg
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