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Built Amraam rocket for sale with a catch.

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Oct 30, 2009
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Hey guys,

I have a full scale Amraam rocket that I built in April 2015 and flew at Airfest 2015 on a CTI O3400. I bought it from Curtis. Well it flew but had an unfortunate flight. It crashed but still flyable. The nose cone and coupler are good, payload is good. The canard fins are good but one of the bottom fins broke at the root. The ebay is good shape, just have to get new ubolts, nuts, ect.. Not a big deal. Not to bad of a fix. I am selling it and did not repair it because its such a large rocket and is expensive to fly it. I bought and built it because I had a spare O3400 to use. Because it is damaged I have not said an asking price. The material itself is worth a lot. I will be attending Airfest this year Thursday-Monday labor day weekend. The reason it crashed was I had altimeter failure. Premature ejection while under boost. 98mm motor mount. The Ebay is intact just need a sled threaded rod included. Has three 1515 rail buttons attached using well nuts originally bought from Dog House Rocketry. Has terminal blocks on Ebay lids originally bought from Dog House Rocketry. Metal tip on nose cone has shoulder so no slipping. Has Aeropak bolted on retainer. 3/16 inch fins. All external fillets are done using Proline 4500. Internal fillets done using aeropoxy structural epoxy. Each fin has holes drilled every inch on fin tab and 4lb foam in each fin can. This creates like a "foam rivet" so it adds strength For the canard fins there is a 4 inch tube inside the 7" airframe and centering rings that the canard fins attach to. This is why the fin broke where it did because the way the fin is mounted is super strong. The reason why I am selling it is my wife and I are expecting a second child and my rocket room will be the new nursery so need to clear out space. All it needs is fin fixed on the booster. Any questions you may have please PM or reply to thread.

Thank you Andrew

20170808_145416.jpgPayload and Ebay

20170808_145423.jpgNose Cone with metal tip, coupler w/avbay lid with shoulder (kitty not for sale, is my sons)

20170808_145640.jpgFin can Fin root damaged

20170808_145646.jpgCanard fins

20170808_145657.jpgAft End the damaged fin

20170808_145707.jpgUp close picture of broken fin

20170808_151137.jpgInside of airframe looking in from the top of canard fins
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If you run out of space, I'll wrap it up in the barn NE of town for you.

I haven't the rocket budget or the L3 needed to make use of this opportunity.
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Wow, at that price why not keep it? A fix wouldn't be too bad and you don't need to fly it on O3400's.
Wow, at that price why not keep it? A fix wouldn't be too bad and you don't need to fly it on O3400's.


if it was not broken I would just keep it. My wife and I are expecting again. The rocket room will not longer be a rocket room. I really dont plan to fly it again even if I fix it. Takes up a lot of room. If I had a large shop or what not I would keep it. Your right 250 is cheap. That is why I am firm at 250.