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Mike Howie

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Jan 18, 2009
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I like looking at the original designs that show up on the scratch built forum.
Some times they give me ideas, and some times I just try to build what was

I'm just wondering, has anyone built any of my scratches? :confused:
I too enjoy looking at scratch rockets. I did a search by your name to try to find your designs. Where are they?
I too enjoy looking at scratch rockets. I did a search by your name to try to find your designs. Where are they?

Thinking on it, I've never posted any rocksim "plans". But there are
plenty of build threads where I've listed parts. (Some with better lists of
sizes than others.) :eek:
I look at others' builds but as to copy a plan? Naaaa. I look a a pile of parts or fin patterns or nose cone and get inspiried, many times just using a fin pattern and going from there. Instinctual, really. Like I just built 2 Estes RAMJET models, 1 for mini motors and the other for mid-power. I know the 2 different angles used to make them and go on from there.

Now, if there's sheets of fin patterns that I can download and use I'd sure like to know about where to get them:cool:

p.s.:, I, like many others, do not have RocSim and can not look at any .rkt files. Even a thumbnail would help :p
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Rocksim allows for fin patterns to be printed. I suppose I could print, then scan to .pdf file and send that. Would that help? Let's try one. Let me know what you'd like.
Sure, why not?:cyclops: I have tubes from BT5 to BT80 with nose cones for all but the BT80's(but I'll remedy that on the 1st with another order to SEMROC). 1 of the BT80 tubes is destined to become a Maxi RAMJET.

Now, I'm planning on using 2 BT70 tubes and coupling them together for a 36" tube and have a long-ish SEMROC nose cone on the way. 24 mm mount. This one I'm up in the air on a fin design. Think I prefer to go with 4 fins on this, too. Not big on the split fin thing either.

I'll be picking up some 1/8 bass wood for the fins, either that or lite-ply. Some 3/16, too, for that matter.

But what I'm looking for is an assortment of patterns on a sheet like the Designer's Specials have in them. I've used them as-is and modified them to suit when needed.