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Jan 20, 2009
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Starting a build thread on the Monster Spike

All fiberglass 2.1 inch diameter, 229 inch long (230 just sounded a little much..), Skyripper K247, 12 lb loaded weight sims to just below 7,000 feet. This one is a little unique in that it is a continuous taper from 2.1 inches down to 1 inch over 175 inches. 70% complete.

The blue section is the skyripper motor case, it will be exposed except where the fin can covers the bottom and a transition at the top.

There will be two parachutes, a drogue chute that sits in the transition area and a main chute that is really carefully slid into the body tube. There is a plug that separates the drogue section from the main, after ejection the plug is pulled out with the main from the body tube.

If I have time (my kid did one of those 'you know what would be cool' moments) I plan to have the nosecone be an Estes Alpha on an A staged with a timer. It would be the first time I ever herd someone staging a K to an A, plus gotta be some kind of record altitude for an Alpha in there somewhere.

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Jan 19, 2009
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That is a monster spike alright! Yeah, I concur, 230 inches would have been just TOO much!:roll:

A 'K' to an 'A'..lol..That would be different..and cool:cool: