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Jan 19, 2009
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Okay, so we have a thread on unfinished rockets, those started and never fully finished..We had a thread on what is in everyone's fleet of rockets..What is in your build pile? Is the pile huge(I can think of a couple on here that fit that category!) Pictures are always a plus! These pictures are ones I just snapped this morning..I haven't done an actual inventory, so am unsure of the total number of kits I have..I am sure it is well above 100 by now..This does not include the 3 kits I recently received from Fliskits, or the PDR OT I recently got off Ebay..And I have a recent purchase off Ebay enroute.:rolleyes:

So, what is in YOUR build pile! :D

Kit Room 005.jpg

Kit Room 006.jpg

Kit Room 007.jpg
How about 10,000+ nose cones, Tens of thousands of BT, tens of thousands of launch lugs, Almost a thousand kits ready to ship. Opps Starlight don't count.:bangpan:
Mr Bob
Starlight thingy
Jon, I think what you've got there is called "obsessive compulsive disorder". Not saying that's bad in the least - you just need to share more with the rest of us. ;)
I consider ALL the rocket kits I have to be in the "build pile".

Having said that, I think I might not want to build these... :eek:

OR Centuri.jpg
I consider ALL the rocket kits I have to be in the "build pile".

Having said that, I think I might not want to build these... :eek:

You're absolutely right!

Send me a PM and I'll give you an address to which you can send them to be properly cared for.:rolleyes:
My "build pile" now takes up a good portion of our garage and a corner of a rented storage unit. :)

-- Roger
I personally like Leo's site and how he has catalogued his entire collection. Makes me want to go through the list and see what's missing seeing how he's doing a phenomenal job of preservation. I'd love to see his unbuilt kit collection and how they are stored. :) (Mind you - these are all Estes/Centuri if I am not mistaken. He RARELY ventures outside of the original stuff.)
Darn, that is an impressive pile of unbuilt rockets. :clap:

I think we have maybe 20, hardly bears mentioning after that opening salvo. :eyepop:
I have a pile of unbuilt kits, and about 75 scratch-build projects (for which I have all of the parts) pending. I also have somewhere around 35 rockets or so that need either paint jobs or decals applied. Most of them have already seen one or more flights. About one quarter of my workshop is taken up with boxes containing parts for upcoming projects. As soon as I finish one, another takes its place. (Actually, often it is before I can finish one...) Currently, I have two new projects under construction; both are nearing completion.

Probably way more than I want to admit to.

Heck the Loc Brusier in a box is almost a pile by itself.:D

Add in a Warloc , an Iroc , a V2 (4") , PR Mad Dog , PR IQSY Tomahawk , and a few more similar sized kits that pretty much take up a whole room.

Ever notice how completed kits take up more room?

well i must be the one to buck the trend, i've gone from just over 400 unbuilt kits down to a smaller batch of 50 or so.
i have set myself the rule that i cannot buy a kit unless i build or sell/give away 2.
i have a dream that one day i will buy a kit and have to build it straight away because it's the only kit that i have.

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